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Cave of the Mounds

2975 Cave of the Mounds Road


Cave of the Mounds takes its name from the Blue Mounds, two large hills which have long been Wisconsin landmark features. The West Mound, at 1716 feet, is the highest point in Southern Wisconsin; the East Mound reaches 1489 feet. Cave of the Mounds lies under the southern slope of the East Mound.

This area was settled by Ebenezer Brigham, a successful lead miner who became Dane County's first permanent white settler in 1828. The West Mound is now a Wisconsin state park; part of the East Mound still belongs to the Brigham family. Brigham County Park lies along the wooded northern edge of this East Mound. Both parks afford magnificent vistas of southern Wisconsin.

Cave of the Mounds was accidentally discovered on August 4, 1939. Workers, who were removing high quality limestone from a quarry on the Brigham Farm, blasted into the Cave. The blast tore the face off the quarry and revealed a great underground cavern. All quarrying stopped and never resumed. The dynamite blast revealed a limestone cave more than twenty feet high opening into other rooms and galleries, all containing numerous mineral formations.

Millions of visitors later, the Cave's wooden walkways were replaced with concrete; a large stone building replaced the original entry building; and theatrical lighting has been installed to dramatize the colors and shapes within the Cave. Picnic areas, walking trails, rock gardens, gift shops and a visitor center have all since been developed. Come help us celebrate 75 years during our annual Discovery Days!


Lawrence Tom

Tuesday, May 15, 2018
It is fun going underground and seeing nature in all its splendor and wonder. 100's of years and more to make all of this. It is amazing. This is a great tour and they hogged out a lot of rock to make the viewing experience more sanitized. I like my caving to be a little more rustic but this was fun to explore. Tours appear to leave on the hour so get there before otherwise you will be waiting an hour for the next one.

Andrew Loya

Friday, May 11, 2018
Chaperoned my son's school trip to The Cave of The Mounds. They guides were extremely professional and knowledgeable. All of the kids got to sluice for rocks and they all walked away with a bag full of cool gifts. The caves were very beautiful. I highly recommend checking this place out!

Sumy Guzman

Thursday, May 10, 2018
Wonderful and positive experience! I didn't even know this cave existed until the Wisconsin Visitors Center suggested that I drive to it and pay a visit. Please note that multiple student field trips run throughout the day, so you may want to schedule your visit around those school trips. (Fortunately for me, hundreds of kids were leaving as I arrived.) There is one area of the cave you are allowed to touch- all other areas are hands-off. Thanks for reading my review!

Dan Winter

Tuesday, May 8, 2018
Cool place for kids, families or people who seek outdoor beauty. They upgraded to all led lights which help expose the colors of beauty in the cave. Only one smaller spot, but my wife easily traversed it with a 1 yo baby attached to her, so anyone should be able to do it without fear of tight places.

Nicole Peters

Wednesday, May 9, 2018
We had never been here before. First cave experience for both of us. Guide was very knowledgeable. Was cool to hear about how caves form and this one was discovered. We will lively be back someday and thinking we will be visiting other caves as well.

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