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Saint Croix Festival Theatre

Saint Croix Festival Theatre
125 North Washington Street

our mission :

Festival Theatre’s mission is  to make the arts welcoming to all people as an essential part of their well being and for the vitality of the community.

Our historic home, the Auditorium, was built in 1917 as a vaudeville playhouse. It  has undergone a number of modifications since then, some of which were undone (the 1961 street front addition was removed in 1998). Within the performance hall changes include the addition of a full stage extension that has significantly increased flexibility for use in modern theatrical productions. Our 250 seat  theater space features a continental floor plan in comfortable 1950's era velvet & leather seats with a lot of leg room and no seat is further than 70' from  the stage.

In the newly remodeled street level space is the Act II Café, our full-service coffee, wine, and snack bar. Not only can you purchase a variety of refreshments before, during and after the performance, but you can frequently meet the actors here  after the final curtain. The Act II Café features the award-winning Chateau St. Croix wines and an assortment of domestic and import beer.

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