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Quarry Skate Park

Quarry Skate Park
7701 Terrace Avenue

 - Enter and skate at your own risk.
 - The wearing of helmets is highly recommended at all times.
 - Proper use of protective gear (wrist guards, elbow & knee pads) is strongly recommended.
 - Alcohol and tobacco are prohibited.
 - All persons within the fenced area must be alert and exercise common sense. Skate facilities are prone to flying objects and bodies. Know your abilities and skate within them.
 - The skate facility surface is extremely dangerous when wet.
 - Spectators, please watch from outside of the fenced area.
 - Help keep the skate facility clean. Food and drink must stay outside fenced area. Properly dispose of refuse.
 - Please be considerate of the surrounding property and neighbors by skating only inside the fenced area and avoid excessive noise.

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