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Paper Discovery Center

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Our History

The Paper Discovery Center opened its doors to the public in late February of 2005.  An arm of the Paper Industry International Hall of Fame, Inc., the Paper Discovery Center first began to take form in 1999.   It was in that year that Kimberly-Clark Corporation donated its former Atlas Mill on the banks of the Fox River in Appleton, WI, to the Paper Industry International Hall of Fame to serve as its permanent home. 

In May of 1992, a group of former and current paper industry executives in the Fox River Valley had met to discuss how the importance of paper, and particularly some of the giants of the industry, could be recognized.  They especially felt the industry deserved recognition as the cornerstone of the Valley’s economy.  Later in 1992, formal meetings were held with the Neenah Historical Society to develop the concept and format of the Paper Industry International Hall of Fame, Inc., which was formally registered with the Bureau of Patents and Trademarks in Washington, DC, in 1993.

Beginning with its first induction ceremony in 1995, the Paper Industry International Hall of Fame continued to grow in size of inductees and prominence.  The donation by Kimberly-Clark enabled the Hall of Fame not only a home but a place to exhibit the many artifacts it had been collecting and tell the story of paper.

The Paper Discovery Center opens as a science and technology center in Northeast Wisconsin with the aim of celebrating the art and science of paper through interactive and engaging educational programs, exhibits, and activities, with a focus on the industry’s exciting future.  It is upholding the vision of one 1878 news reporter who said of the Atlas Mill:  “The foundations of this building are being laid with the intention that they will serve the interests of coming generations, and this object in view is a sign of real progress.”


Tycho Aussie

Wednesday, June 20, 2018
A very friendly place, quite casual and fun for kids. Educational as well. It was founded by the Kimberly family. We wanted to learn a little more about the paper industry, and the amount of information here was just about right. One can easily spend a couple of hours here. The scenery is great, and there's even a nice restaurant on premesis.

Sara Lehner

Monday, May 7, 2018
A wonderful experience. Very hands-on. I would highly recommend this to any family, group or school. We made paper, which was so cool and got to work our way through many experiments. The artwork displayed through out tells a story and is stunning to view. We even got a private history lesson from the chairman of the board who happened to be there that day. I can't say enough good things. Just go.

David Ramey

Saturday, May 26, 2018
This is such a wonderful museum. You learn about paper making and area history, too. Bright, well described exhibits with audio links for Moe information. Plus, you can make a piece of paper, too. The staff is patient and terrific. A real and unexpected pleasure!


Thursday, July 12, 2018
Fun and educational for kids of all ages. Plan on 2-3 hours to see everything and make homemade paper.

Jessica Fields

Wednesday, June 27, 2018
We're adults without kids and found this really fun. We went on a weekend and it wasn't swarming with people. Interesting exhibits to learn from and fun interactive paper making!

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