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New Zoo

4378 Reforestation Road

Our Mission:

Your New Zoo is an always new natural adventure that promotes recreation, education, and conservation through encounters with live animals.

Recreation: Provide entertaining and rewarding family recreation.

Education: Provide well-planned exhibits with an interpretive program which encourages a greater appreciation of the living world.

Conservation: Provide for the propagation of selected endangered species to help ensure their survival.


Mara Buchberger

Thursday, May 3, 2018
I've been coming here since I can remember and I just turned 31. It's always clean and put together and the animals seem well fed and taken care of. We had our wedding on April 28th at the ski lodge uphill from the NEW Zoo and the zoo let us come and take pictures in our formal clothes for free. We bought over 50 dollars worth of stuff from the gift shop and were given a free local business Monopoly game. It's very cool and what a great souvenir to remember the area and our wedding day.

Skip Spencer

Wednesday, May 16, 2018
This is a very nice small Zoo. The main attraction are the giraffes and the lions. You can feed the giraffe for a dollar. It's a little expensive for one piece of lettuce but is part of the cost of upkeep. They have a number of farm type animals for little kids to pet. The restaurant is very minimal. Response to owner: $1 for one leaf of lettuce is on the high side, especially considering the price of a whole head of lettuce. Perhaps the gentleman passing out the food was acting on his own? You have a captive audience with the little kids wanting to feed the giraffe (pun intended).

William Mcpherson

Sunday, May 13, 2018
This place was once great and affordable for families. The staff is either non existent or extremely rude. Over priced nearly inedible food, not to mention it costs 4 Times more For admission to take your family than only a few years ago. They have less animals now, I'm my opinion go to the bigger zoos to get a real experience. I have noticed that the only 5 start rating is only from local guides. These are my thoughts on the new zoo, have a great day!

Teresa Robins

Sunday, April 8, 2018
This an amazing place, I've been to alot of zoos. But this one seems so much more personal. The Mayan restaurant is so moderately priced. For 3 people to eat, 2 adults one child we only spent 20 for full meals. We will definitely be returning here as often as we can.

Jeff Cloninger

Sunday, May 6, 2018
Always a good time. May not have the variety of big city zoos but it feels a little more intimate. Perfect for like kids. Feeding the giraffe is always our highlight. Lots of activities available on premise and around the park. If you live within an hour or two and haven't visited yet make the time.

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