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New Zoo

4378 Reforestation Road

Our Mission:

Your New Zoo is an always new natural adventure that promotes recreation, education, and conservation through encounters with live animals.

Recreation: Provide entertaining and rewarding family recreation.

Education: Provide well-planned exhibits with an interpretive program which encourages a greater appreciation of the living world.

Conservation: Provide for the propagation of selected endangered species to help ensure their survival.


Courtney Shute

Tuesday, July 31, 2018
I have been to quite a few zoos across the country and this is one of my top favorites. you're able to feed the giraffe a couple leaves for $1 and you can pet them! You cannot touch them at the Milwaukee zoo. The otters were playing in their large pool. I haven't seen so many active animals. And prices to get in are pretty fair. And it is by far the most beautiful zoo I have ever seen. It is out of the city so the trees and quite beauty are just amazing. I will be going back many more times

Cassia Denton

Tuesday, July 10, 2018
GREAT ZOO and excellent membership prices! I just have to say that I LOVE taking my kiddos to zoos; we've lived in many states and have gone to LOTS of zoos over the years. I think it's such a great opportunity for them to learn and see animals that they would otherwise never get the opportunity to interact with. BUT, I usually feel so sorry for the animals and the small/poor conditions they are kept in. BUT here at New Zoo, I really feel like the animals are taken care of. The enclosures are great, and most have wide open spaces as well as good places to retreat from the heat. Can't wait to come back.

Heather H

Sunday, July 22, 2018
I really like this zoo. It does not have all the big animals, but you get a really intimate experience. You can get fairly close to the animals and they give you enough info about the different animals. A zoo is hard to rate. You can't hold it against the business if the animals are not out, but I would say each time I've been there I've seen about 90% of the animals and my stay is about 3 hours. One suggestion I would have is to tell visitors about the animal itself like, what is the animal's name, how old is the animal (or a guess), and gender.

Angela Socha

Thursday, Aug. 9, 2018
With the help of the staff of the NEW Zoo Adventure Park I just finished hosting a fantastic team outing! The ropes course had various levels of difficulty so we could each challenge ourselves to our comfort level and the zipline was a blast as well. For those on our team who chose not participate, there was plenty of picnic tables under a covered patio to watch and cheer on the group. The staff was also great about getting us the best price for the number of participants we actually had and didn't force us into the group rate that we had estimated. We were also able to bring in a picnic lunch and beverages, which a lot of venues are not nearly as flexible. All around great experience and I received a lot of compliments!

Mollee McCabe

Saturday, Aug. 4, 2018
I was so surprised at how nice it was. The price was cheap and the gift shop had all sorts of things for all ages. I absolutely loved a t-shirt so much I bought it for my dad as it was a penguin Beatles reference. The zoo had so many cool animals like red pandas, moose, parrots and so many more. I cannot wait to go again.

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