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West Bend - Museum of Wisconsin Art

205 Veterans Avenue

Established in 1961 by the Pick Family, The West Bend Gallery of Fine Arts was founded to collect and exhibit the work of their illustrious relative Carl von Marr. The Milwaukee-born, Munich-trained artist Marr (1858-1936) had a stellar career mainly in Europe, but with considerable success in the United States . Having assembled the best single collection of Marr’s work, including his 1889 magnum opus The Flagellants, the museum began collecting Wisconsin regional art. This decision was based upon the fact that quality Marr works were becoming increasingly difficult to acquire and that no other institution was assembling a comprehensive survey collection of Wisconsin art. After ten years of judicious, quiet and determined collecting, in 1998 the West Bend Art Museum (WBAM) unveiled the Early Wisconsin Collection covering the years 1800 to 1950. Over the subsequent years, the WBAM developed and grew this collection both in terms of quality and quantity to the point where it joined more than twenty other similar state or regionally focused American museums.

In 2007 the Museum changed its name to the Museum of Wisconsin Art to more accurately reflect its mission and practices. Currently, the Museum of Wisconsin Art shows more contemporary Wisconsin artists, has a larger, more comprehensive archive (over 8000 files on artists plus many books, documents and audio-visual resources), and a deeper collection of historic Wisconsin art than any other institution in the state.


Jason Thusius

Tuesday, March 27, 2018
A great place. Small enough that you can go through it in an hour or so. They have some really interesting art there and the fact that it's WI artist is definitely a bonus.

Christine Prelesnik

Saturday, March 10, 2018
Very nice to see local artists' works! I'm always inspired to get creative myself after seeing other people's visually depicted stories. The museum itself is beautifully designed to accomodate some huge works of art. I enjoyed it there!

Miranda Kissling

Saturday, March 3, 2018
Fantastic building, helpful staff, impressive collection from Wisconsin artists. Be sure to ask for the kids activity guide! The yearly membership exhibition is cool too.

annie desmidt

Sunday, Feb. 11, 2018
Beautiful museum. Just the right size. Helpful and friendly staff. Always An interesting exhibit.

3ME Events

Sunday, Nov. 5, 2017
We DJ'd a wedding there last night and it was amazing! Kerry was very attentive and helpful. The guard at the front door was extremely helpful and welcoming as well. Beautiful, clean inside. Overall just a wonderful place! Hope to be back there again soon!

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