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Welcome to Hickory Hills Campground! Join us for the BEST family camping in a Beautiful Wooded setting! Rental Cottage, Hot Showers, Water & Electric Hookups. Our Well-Stocked Store & Snack Bar help make family camping here GREAT!…But a Swimming Pool, a Spring-Fed Lake, Fishing, Rowboat & Canoe Rentals, Mini-Golf, Shuffleboard, Horseshoes, Playground, Game Room, Rec. Hall, Lots of Planned Weekend  Activities including Bands Make it FUN!


Jodi Hansen

Wednesday, May 23, 2018
This campground was seriously run down and you didn't see anyone around. The pool looked absolutely horrible nothing like the posted picture. The sites that seemed to be for seasonal people had very run down campers. Everything looked very dirty and run down. The whole place was very creepy. I couldn't post this without rating it but truly would give a zero rating. CREEPY!!!!

Deborah Poast

Friday, May 11, 2018
I am a seasonal camper. People here are quite friendly. Love it the most when they hire good bands

Jordan L

Monday, Feb. 19, 2018
Staff and owner very polite and helpful. Grounds are kept very clean. Multiple options for camping for a great price.great place for a family vacation. Also has a gift shop and a very clean pool.very laid back and always a good crowd .i give this place 10 stars!

amanda lima

Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2018
Great campground! My grandparents malways come here with their camper. I use to camp here with my family when i was little amd it was really fun and still is. I like that nothing has changed since then, it brings back memories.

Eddie B

Sunday, Aug. 20, 2017
I reserved a campsite at the last minute, before reading any reviews, for a impromptu camping trip with my daughter. This was the only campground with availability this weekend. Now that I've read some reviews, I wanted to add my two cents. I do want to say right away that the folks in the office tried very hard to make our experience there a good one. The woman I spoke with on the phone was really nice and excited about their campground. I wish I knew her name. She answered all of my questions, listened to my concerns, and picked out a site that would be good for us. Unfortunately, the site didn't work out. We were unable to use our tent pegs because of the amount of thick rock two or three inches below the dirt. No matter where we tried, our pegs just weren't going in. So our tent wasn't quite set up the way it should have been. This seems to be a site-by-site issue, as most of the other folks I spoke with had no trouble getting their pegs in place. We would have survived our two-night stay with the tent set up the way it was, but the larger issue was that our site was right on top of the neighbors. We had maybe ten feet from the edge of our tent to the edge of their camper. At first, that wasn't a big deal, but it was a huge deal once the sun went down. At about 8:30, our neighbors were loud (the kind of loud that comes when you've been drinking most of the day and can't tell your own volume), and the language they used wasn't really appropriate for my 10-year old daughter. Since their "quiet hours" don't start until 11pm, it was going to be a long night, and my daughter wasn't able to fall asleep for a long time. And for me, who was looking forward to a quiet night in nature, it was just disappointing. Frankly, there's no reason for a campground to have quiet hours starting at 11pm. They should start at sundown. Our site was in walking distance of the bathrooms, which were cleanish and convenient. As others have noticed, they weren't pristine, but they were sufficient. I wasn't as put of about the 25 cent pay shower situation, but I'm not one to take long showers. Our site had easy access to electricity and water, though I wouldn't say it was directly on our site. Sites share hookups, so depending on where you are, you may need to run your supplies through someone else's site. Our site was also surprisingly damp, but that happens sometimes. The campground is used heavily by "seasonal" campers, and many of them do putt around on golf carts. While I didn't observe reckless driving or loud music blaring, they are loud at night when zooming past your tent. We didn't go to the beach or the lake. Some kids said it was "gross." The pool was very nice, colder than what I expected but clean and well used. The open park area was really nice, and I liked seeing a whole lot of golf carts pull up and set up shop. People know each other there, and they seem to be happy and fun with each other. They played games and chatted and seemed to really have a good time. I kind of wish I was a part of it. Complaints about the mini golf course are unfounded. Yes, it's old, but it's actually a fun course to play. It is a shame that there's a charge for it -- I would suggest more of a deposit to make sure they got their clubs back, but it's cheaper than other mini golf courses around. The air hockey table in the rec room costs a dollar per game, and it was fun. The guy working the rec room was awesome -- nice and polite and really helpful. My daughter didn't want to stay another night, so we packed up a day early. We gave the folks in the office all of our concerns and again, they were very interested in moving us to another site and helping us find a better experience, but at that point, I didn't want to risk it. We went home and camped out in our backyard instead. I really think the only problem we had with this campground extended from the fact that we had a bad site. Do your research when booking -- ask questions, look at the map, be honest about what you want. Know what you're getting into, and you'll be happy here.

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