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Heckrodt Wetland Reserve

1305 Plank Road

About Us

Heckrodt Wetland Reserve is a 76-acre urban nature reserve with habitats including forested wetland, cattail marsh, open water, created prairie, open field, and upland forest. Persisting despite the urbanization that continues to grow around it, the Reserve is home to numerous species of reptiles, amphibians, and mammals. Migrating songbirds and waterfowl nest and feed in its protection.

Our Mission

The mission of HWR is to enhance, restore, and preserve the Reserve and educate all people in the importance of conserving our natural resources while promoting the Reserve’s many recreational opportunities.


Breanna Baumgartner

Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Well kept paths. Usually see some sort of wildlife. (Deer, turtles, turkeys, geese and ducks, frogs, snakes, cranes) Several different paths to explore, through woods, prairie, wetland areas. Options for a short walk or longer, none are very long. Easy for my three year old to complete in an hour. Mostly flat. Not paved but paths are not soft - would be fine with a regular stroller or wagon. Lots of wooden walkways over the wet areas. There is a kids play area made to integrate into the natural surroundings, lots of natural things to play on. Good place for a quick outing (hour or so). Bikes are not allowed. There is a nature center but I've never been in it.

Denise Hendricks

Saturday, April 28, 2018
This is a beautiful place to go to just break away from the city with in the city limits. And on beautiful days a great place to take the family for a picnic with nice picnic tables right at the beginning of the park. They have a Nature Center to enjoy looking at turtles, fish and other information about the wild life in the area, very informational. They also have environmental education programs many are open to the public, see their program schedule for more information. Then after you have seen that you can head out on the trials that stretch out over76 acres. You'll come across a little lake in the back part of the woods and then wooden trials lead all over the wetlands with nice benches through out the park to sit and relax while enjoying the beauty of the day and watching the wild life. At the end of the trial there is a playground setting in a natural way for the children to play and the adults to watch. This park has many enjoyable areas that each person will enjoy Each season has its own beauty. You will enjoy it guarantee, .

Nancy VanDalsem

Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Visited on a VERY hot June afternoon & had a wonderful experience. Saw turtles & was able to get very close to a deer. Trails are well marked & well maintained. The canopy of trees provided the right amount of shade to keep us cool enough to walk several of the trails.

Lindee Willger

Tuesday, May 22, 2018
The boardwalks are really cool. Makes it easy to explore out in nature and see lots of birds and wildlife. Some parts of the trail are a little too close to the road and the noisy kids play area near the entrance, but the further back you walk it's more quiet, secluded and picturesque.

Ethan Miller

Friday, May 25, 2018
Free walking trails in wetlands preserve with plenty of parking. Would recommend trying it, the animals are very use to seeing people which means you can see them up close. If you have kids they will enjoy the trip here.

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