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Fox Cities Performing Arts Center

400 West College Avenue

The mission of the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center is to serve as a gathering place for the community to engage in educational opportunities and enhance understanding and enjoyment of life through the creation and presentation of the arts. We will do this by providing a premier venue for performing arts attractions and a dynamic environment for our arts organizations.



Saturday, July 21, 2018
Our first time here. Nice theatre. Good seats all around. Had a great time coming up to see Tim Allen here. Funnier than we thought he would be, but don't think he was on stage for an hour, maybe. Luckily there was an opening act who was equally as funny, otherwise would've been a long trip for such a short show.

Kerrie Bunnell

Wednesday, June 13, 2018
I do enjoy going to this theater. My one and only qualm would be that they don't offer seats that allow for the arms to be raised up for couples that don't mind sitting close. I think comfort level would increase for individuals with larger waist/hips being able to have that extra space to share with their SO.

Daniel Berger

Wednesday, June 6, 2018
This theater offers a great chance to dress up and see a fantastic show. I've enjoyed both Les Miserable and Rent at this establishment in different parts of the theater but enjoyed both, though if you sit in the balcony, I would recommend theater glasses. I did have a spot of unfortunate luck during Les Miserable where another patron thought it would be good to sing along with the cast. Alas, he was off-key and it made the show somewhat less enjoyable than it could have been. Still, barring the occasional misguided patron, this is a nice theater.

Michael Lindau

Saturday, July 14, 2018
Went to see comedians and other shows here nice place and easy to get to. Parking structure across road not bad price to park. Traffic can be a bit hectic but understandable for a bigger city

marilyn dragosh

Sunday, April 29, 2018
As always the PAC was excellent ! The facility , seating, location, lighting and sound was all fantastic. Parking is the only draw back but planning ahead solves that concern. The PAC tries very hard to select its shows with a wide range of people, their potential audience in mind. Occasionally there is a miss or two in my mind, but others rave about that particular preformance or play. So again they hit their mark to serve " the people" not just me! Money well spent....THANK YOU!!

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