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Camp Five Museum

Camp Five Museum
5480 Connor Farm Rd

In the late 1890's, Camp Five began operations as a logging camp in northern Wisconsin, in 1914, a farm was developed at the site by the Connor Lumber & Land Company to raise meat, produce, and draught horses for their area lumber camps. All logging camps were numbered in succession as forestry moved from one location to another.

In 1969, the Camp Five Museum and Farm Complex opened to the public. It is now operated by the Camp Five Museum Foundation.

The site is unique in Wisconsin. Wisconsin State Researchers have yet to find a similar lumber company farm that still exists. For this reason and because of the logging industry's important role in Wisconsin's history, it was added to the National Register of Historic places by the US Department of the Interior on January 11, 1996. Today, the farm is still in operation and most of the lumber company farm buildings remain, including the four-square Sears farm house.

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