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Above and Beyond Children's Museum

Above and Beyond Children's Museum
902 North 8th Street

Mission Statement:
"A special place for children and their families where play and education connect through exploration and discovery".

Vision Statement:
We want to provide a positive learning environment through community partnership, with interactive programs and captivating exhibits that exceed our children's wildest dreams and imagination.

About The Museum:
The Above & Beyond Children's Museum (ABCM) is a non-profit organization servicing children and their families of Sheboygan County and it's out of town visitors. Located in downtown Sheboygan, it has enjoyed over 17 years of community service enhancing the lives and experiences of children and their families. From it's humble beginning as a traveling road show featuring interactive children's exhibits, it quickly outgrew it's first location open only one day a month, to become an established community treasure offering service six days a week. It has been operating from it's three-story historic location at 902 North 8th Street since 1999 enriching thousands of children's lives.

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