10 Best Spin Classes in Wisconsin

Spinning is another name for cycling on a stationary bike. It’s usually done in a group atmosphere, during a class or workshop. Spinning offers a stellar cardio workout as well as toned and tight legs. It’s a great way to become energized in the morning, or if you’re a night exerciser, it’s a great way to relieve the stress of a long day. Whatever the reason, spinning is good for the heart and soul.

Cyc Fitness, Madison, WI

Cyc Fitness is a studio that employs “cycologists”—staff who are trained to lead spinning classes. The staff are upbeat, supportive, and good at what they do. Each class is about 45 minutes, and often has its own unique playlist. Purchase a single spinning class to see if it’s up your alley, or purchase more “rides”—5, 10, 20, or 50—if you already know.

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UpTown Cycle Fitness Boutique, La Crosse, WI

With 24 cycles, this cycling studio has just the right amount of space to ensure their spinning classes are able to feel personal, yet anonymous. Receive the workout you desire by professionals who love their craft. Owners Kim Dahl and Carmina Renedo hire excellent staff who are committed to your health and wellness.

Ghost Town Fitness, Kaukauna, WI

There’s nothing complicated about spinning, no difficult moves to learn, or props needed to do it properly—well besides a bike of course. Ghost Town Fitness offers 45-minute classes of challenging spinning. The website advises to bring a water bottle and towel, which is an implication that you will be sweating a lot. It’s good sweat though; releases toxins. 

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The Wheelhouse, Eau Claire, WI

At the Wheelhouse, no matter what physical exercise level you are on, you are welcome. They offer beginner spinning classes, which may be a good idea for some, just to get a feel for what a cycling class is like. They also have categories like Journey, Combo, and Zone, all of which have their own unique specifications.

TRUE Studio, Janesville, WI

Spinning classes will definitely tighten and tone those legs of yours, but it’s also important to know when to stretch and strengthen those muscles. At True Studio, you can do it all. They offer yoga classes, cycling classes, and strength training. High energy and music are staples of cycling at True Studio. Similar to other cycling gyms, the classes last for 45 minutes.

Fitnessology, Green Bay, WI

According to its website, Fitnessology was founded in 1996 on the principle that “fitness strategies should be tailored to the individual’s personal health and fitness goals.” At this gym, your needs are prioritized by professional staff. Ask them for advice depending on what muscles you’d like to focus on or peruse their class list. Social Spin or Spinzerz sound apt.

Spire Fitness, Milwaukee, WI

Burn some calories and sweat away the stress during Spire Fitness cycling classes. Be ready for a high-energy, motivated, musically drive spin session. Whether you’re a novice, amateur, or professional, this workout class drives you to your limit. This fitness center inspires you to be the best you can be.

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Wisconsin Indoor Cycling, Verona, WI

Using a multidimensional approach, Wisconsin Indoor Cycling offers power-focused cycling and heart-rate training. See your progression with tests offered by the staff at the fitness center. There’s a number of different packages available for cycling classes, all are dependent on the frequency on which you plan to attend. View the schedule of classes online.

A&B Fitness Concepts, Sun Prairie, WI

The A&B stands for Amber and Becky, the motivating force behind their Fitness Concepts business. They offer personable group classes for all ages and experience levels. The point isn’t to outdo each other here, rather it's to improve upon yourself. Join a group cycling class to begin your transformation.

Milwaukee Cycling Center, Glendale, WI

Milwaukee Cycling Center is home to 15 Wahoo Kickrs and 16 Computrainers— otherwise known as the latest equipment and software in the cycling community. Join classes like Open Rides or Periodized Cycling Programs, or if class isn’t totally what you’re looking for, enjoy Open Riding sessions, where you cycle at your own pace.

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