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Thursday, May 27, 2021

Random Lake, WI 53075, USA

This article, like most of the content that can be found on the Internet that has the word "roulette tricks" as its title or synonyms, does not pretend to give guidelines on how to win at roulette in an online casino. Nor is it a compilation of roulette strategies or tricks for Tiki Pop Slot, the most popular games in online casinos, which are usually the different types of roulette: French roulette, American roulette, and lately live roulette. Even less is it a guide to how to play roulette?

At the outset, we want to make it clear that these tricks to win at roulette that we have pointed out in the following paragraphs are merely non-infallible systems that allow us to approach the game of roulette with guarantees that we would hardly find to play without any prior strategy or a plan of determining performance. And it is that in our understanding, the true tricks of roulette are focused on finding the perfect and reliable place to practice, for this we need to find an operator that allows us to play free roulette so as not to put our money at stake if we only have the intention to have fun.

Roulette tricks approach

The idea that we want to convey when raising the existence of these tricks to win at roulette is that we invest our time, no matter if it is in the practice version or what is the same to play free roulette in test different game forms and systems. And it is that although the ultimate objective of roulette players has to be to make a profit, or at least fight against the mathematical advantage that the house has in all types of roulette that exist.

Three words: capital (either in real money or in play money), time and motivation. With this triple approach, we can put into practice both the roulette strategies and the tricks that we are going to explain below. Those are the three rules to try to improve our ability and chances of being successful playing roulette.

Our practical tips on how to play roulette

1) Not following the traditional systems of analysis of the physical characteristics of roulette wheels: these are not valid for the online casino or for the electronic roulette of lounges and casinos. It is a very different reality from what we find on the internet.

Certainly, technology and computers have served to collect and process data that have been used for bankroll management and put roulette systems into practice, but technology has contributed to one more important thing if possible: that online roulettes have no defects physical and totally random, so they are games where probability is fulfilled; Not in vain can tests of millions of virtual runs be carried out and verify how in the long term the statistical variation of the estimated results is insignificant. So our first advice is to keep in mind that there are no tricks based on the physical or programming error of the roulette wheels.

2) Managing behavior: we also consider the issue of motivation that we discussed at the beginning a trick. It's about taking the game of roulette seriously. And this is translated into analyzing what we can read on the internet and that is presented as an infallible roulette strategy or something like that. And not only analyze it but put it to the test. As always, without having to invest money, I remind you that you can simply play roulette for free to perform these tests.

3) Isolate ourselves from superstitions and leave intuition aside: nothing worse to ruin our gaming session than to take roulette as a way to tempt chance and to dictate justice to our superstitions. The events are independent and after coming out 5 reds in a row, probabilities are not changed and statistically, the next ball coming out in a red number is exactly the same as coming out black. Let's forget about hunches if we want to be sure that how to play roulette with guarantees.

4) Tricks based on betting management systems: in this category, we find theories such as the Oscar Grinding System, promoted by the mathematician Allan Wilson, a professor who was very interested in the possibilities of probabilities applied to casino games. His system consists of constantly betting 1 chip in series of several plays. To define a series. The criticism of this system is logical, and it is that it lengthens the playing time. It prolongs and makes it difficult to go bankrupt, but in addition to not taking advantage of the streaks, in the medium term we must be very lucky so that we do not accumulate losses.

The second system or theory in this class of roulette tricks is the fixed money system: it is based on the way in which the author of the spy novels James Bond, Ian Fleming: invest a relatively large amount compared to the target. that we have and also be aware that in case of losses we will renounce an investment that we had in mind and that was the objective. for example, we reserve € 100 in a casino with the aim of having winnings in a single roulette spin. We diversify the play a lot: we bet 70 on the high numbers, 25 on a six we want, 5 on zero, or our favorite number. In this way we will be building a diversified profit plan that will sometimes give us a good price, others moderate and a few will make us lose everything we bet.

5) Tricks based on the advantage provided by online casino promotions: thanks to bonuses and promotions we can get the true performance of roulette tricks. In addition, a large part of the roulette tricks or strategies that are based on bankroll management or betting system makes perfect sense and can be perfectly applied when we play with free spins, with a welcome bonus, with a reload bonus, or especially when we are playing free casino.

6) Do not despair and follow the systems we have studied: we must not give up -especially if we are playing free roulette- because if we are convinced that a system is good, it is better not to break either the betting structure or the format that indicates this system. The same goes for blackjack tricks: take them to the test and get comfortable with them to verify or reject them in the future.

7) Let's play relaxed and rested: there is no use playing roulette if we don't enjoy the experience. We should flee from roulette sessions when we are stressed, worried or not in the best physical condition.