Performance - Twelfth Night

Sunday, Oct 6, 2019 at 6:00pm


By William Shakespeare
Directed by John Langs

A charming young woman proves to be equally charming disguised as a young man, throwing Illyria’s collective love life into wild disarray. Not that the denizens of that town were well-arrayed to begin with. In fact, on an island where everyone’s in love with someone, but no one’s in love with the someone who loves them back, Viola may be just the soul to set them all aright. As Shakespearean comedies go, this is one of the greats; a fun and funny celebration that embraces the insanity of love. 


Shakespeare revisits some of his favorite themes – twins, misplaced love and plenty of mistaken identity – in Twelfth Night. Mourning the loss of her brother, the lovely Olivia has vowed not to accept any suitors, much to the dismay of Duke Orsino, who is intent on wooing her. So intent that he enlists a castaway named Cesario to help him out. Cesario is, in fact, a young woman named Viola who has recently lost her twin brother in an accident at sea. Disguised as a young boy, she agrees to help Orsino win Olivia despite the fact that she herself has fallen for him. And despite her vow to remain alone, Olivia quickly develops some strong feelings of her own…for Cesario. Combine that with a subplot that finds the prim Malvolio (who is, surprise! In love with Olivia) locked in a basement by a group of tipsy fools, and you’ve got the makings of a great Shakespearean comedy. 

Strobe lights will be used during this production.

Location: Hill Theatre

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