Midwest Wild Harvest Festival

Midwest Wild Harvest Festival

Saturday, Sep 28, 2019 at 9:00am


The Midwest Wild Harvest Festival invites people of all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels. Held at the beginning of the fall harvest season, the festival is a celebration of the Midwest's bounty of wild food. The weekend combines recreation and education into an unforgettable experience.

Participants will learn about wild edibles and their uses from some of the most knowledgeable instructors and speakers in the United States. There will be activities for children and adults, field trips, presentations, demonstrations, a cooking contest, a potluck banquet, and lots of hands-on activities. You'll have a chance to interact with other foraging enthusiasts from around the region and beyond.

Schedule of Events:

9-11:30 am:

Sam Thayer- Ecoculture discussion
Join Sam for this field discussion of Ecoculture and how you can start to read your own landscape and implement the concepts of ecoculture.

Leda Meredith-Making a First Aid Kit with Wild Medicinal Plants
From soothing a cough to easing the inflammation of a sty to speeding the healing of a bruise and more, learn which wild plants can provide the most useful first aid for common every ailments.

Ellen Zachos-The Wild Spice Cabinet
Cooking with wild spices bring unique flavors to sweet and savory food and drink. In this hands-on class you’ll experiment with (and taste!) different wild herbs and spices, as well as discuss the best ways to gather and preserve your wild harvest.

Stephen Barstow- Powerpoint Presentation
Around the World in 80 plants Part 1: Starting in London, we look at Western and Central Europe, the Mediterranean, West Asia, the Caucasus, the Himalaya and Siberia.

Erica Davis- Black Walnuts
Have you ever noticed all the black walnuts on the ground at Badger Camp? This hands-on class will walk participants through black walnut identification, harvest, drying, shelling, and storage, culminating with taste tests and a simple, no-bake recipe you can make with them. If we’re lucky, there will be enough to take home and practice what you learned. Please bring gloves if you have them!


Leda Meredith- Making a First Aid Kit with Wild Medicinal Plants
From soothing a cough to easing the inflammation of a sty to speeding the healing of a bruise and more, learn which wild plants can provide the most useful first aid for common every ailments.

Bill Cook- Plant Propagation

Erica Davis-Plant Walk
Take a walk with Erica and learn a number of edible plants growing at Badger Camp, including how to identify them, what stage to harvest, and what food to make with them. Bring a camera for notetaking if you like.

3:15-5:15 pm:

Leda Meredith- The 2.5 Ways to Pickle Everything
Learn how to safely and deliciously pickle your wild harvests, how to get probiotic health benefits from your pickles even when you’re making a vinegar-based recipe rather than a fermentation, and why you should include seeds, leaves, and fruits — not just veg — in your pickling repertoire.

Chris Gavin- Butchering Wild Game
‚ÄčInterested in wild and local meat? Whether you’ve done it all before or feel way over your head just thinking about field dressing an animal, this class will give you the confidence you need when taking an animal from the field and putting it on the dinner table. Topics covered will include: field dressing, butchering, storing and preparing wild animals with a focus on mammals large and small.

Dwight Zietlow- Wild Cordials
Dwight is a wild cordial/vinegar aficionado and had made some of the best cordials and vinegars I have ever tasted.  Join Dwight for this fun class and learn how to make your own wild drinks.



Sam Thayer-  Wetland Plant Hike
This is an annual favorite workshop for our participants and we ask that if you've had the opportunity to attend in the past, please let someone else do so this year.  This will be an off-site class.  Be prepared to get wet and muddy and water levels permitting, collect some wetland food.

Ellen Zachos- Stone Soup
In this class, we’ll gather the ingredients for a community cooking experiment. We’ll begin with a plant walk, less for identification and more for grocery “shopping”. We’ll look for greens, herbs, spices, mushrooms, roots, then we’ll return to the kitchen and create a soup for all of us to share. In the interest of inclusiveness, this will be a vegetarian/vegan dish. Let’s see what we can create together when all we have is what we find at Badger Camp. Are you up for the challenge?

Adam Haritan- Mushroom Foray & Identification
Join Adam Haritan for an afternoon mushroom foray through the wooded forest and grassy fields.  We’ll identify and collect all kinds of fascinating fungi… including edible, medicinal, and toxic species.  We’ll also discuss the roles that these fungi perform in their native habitats.  Additionally, you’ll learn tips on how to easily find choice members of the fungal kingdom and ways to positively identify trees that are associated with various mushrooms!

Nicholas Wazeegale- Making Basic Foraging Tools
Making the tools needed for foraging, whether ahead of time or on the spot, can be part of the fun and satisfaction of acquiring one's food from the wilds. In this class we will make and experiment with digging sticks, make berry hooks, materials allowing; blickies (strap on berry picking containers), and work as a group on a willow basket some too. We will have discussion around some other tools, such as rice equipment and throwing sticks(for knocking seeds, nuts down), and whatever others the group has interest in.

Saturday Evening Presentation 7:30-8:30- Adam Haritan