Festival of Christmas and Midwinter Traditions

Festival of Christmas and Midwinter Traditions

Saturday, Dec 28, 2019 at 4:30pm


Days are filled with craft workshops, a community project, music, song and dance workshops, cultural teas and children’s activities. Festive meals (catered) highlight the cuisine of the cultures we explore. In the Jane Farwell tradition, the themed evening parties are planned by you, the participants – with skits, music, dance and surprises.

Afternoon Teas:

The afternoon teas are a time when everyone is in the same place to enjoy a spot of tea and take part in some special cultural sessions and traditions. Here are the teas for this year!

4:30 pm: The Ostfriesen Tea Ceremony

Rich tortes and pastries accompany authentic black Ostfriesen tea served in delicate Ostfriesen china in this ceremony typical of Northwestern Germany. The tea is served with cream and kluntje, which is sugar in a large, crystal form. Dan Lippitt, Glenn Mitroff, and Greg Winz lead the ceremony with great attention to detail!

Evening Party Themes - Meet n’ Greet